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Package weight: 1.53 kg
Power: 20W
Solar panel: 10W 6V polycrystalline solar panel
Battery capacity: 3.7V 6000mAh lithium battery
Material: ABS+polycrystalline solar panel
LED quantity: 20 2835SMD
Switch: light control + radar sensor
Lumen: 80lm/w
Lighting hours: 6-8 hours
Installation height: 3-6m

Solar power,radar&light sensor, perfect for outdoor lighting.
80lm/w, provides great brightness for you.
Waterproof & dust-proof.
Energy more saving and lower power consumption, provide 20W street light.
Designed for various outdoor applications, which can be used for residential, road, park and so on.
Product provides solar street light bracket, can be purchased additionally.

Package includes:
1x solar street light